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  • We will contact you to clarify any questions you have and schedule a no cost no obligation appointment to talk about your project
  • We will meet at your place to look at the project with no cost to you.
  • Back in our office, we will put together rough price estimates for your custom project and will contact you with the figures.
  • After that, if we will reach an agreement, it, we will meet again; to discuss all the details before we make Drawings of your custom-designed project .Prices may change! But as long as you not going to add too much to the original project, it’s going to be not too far from the rough price. Of course some details could be very pricey, since quality costs money if you want the very best!


“UniMode created, designed and fabricated a headboard, a frame for our box spring and mattress, and individual two(2) drawer nightstand vanities for each side of the bed. These built-ins were constructed using high-end wood materials. Each of the materials is of different surface finishes and colours. The finished products are outstanding. We are quite proud of these pieces.

Mrs.Nyers and I needless to say , are extremely pleased with the professionalism Mr.Zabielskas demonstrated throughout the course of several projects. The quality of materials used as well as the expert workmanship and craftsmanship employed were outstanding . The cost associated with all of the projects were more than competitive . It is rare in this day and age to locate this kind of dependable, gifted talent in this art form. We have taken the liberty to praise his work to our guests; and have recommended him highly to a number of our friends and acquaintances. ”
- Stephen J. Nyers III

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