Doors, Wall paneling, Coffered ceilings

Doors, Wall paneling, Coffered ceilings

Custom-made Sliding doors, Garage doors, Exterior doors, Interior doors, Coffered ceilings, Crown moldings, Wall paneling, Wainscoting, Wall dividers…

This is an area, that is all too often overlooked by many, and can become a major design highlights! Like – Coffered ceilings to achieve a rich, and unique highlight for your room in any wood you like, matched with the custom-made Doors or Wall paneling in custom laid-up veneers, the way you never seen it before! Or maybe you want Custom-made sliding doors into your master bathroom or loft with quiet self-closing mechanisms. Custom Garage doors made smart to match your exterior custom-made doors…

The options are numerous as well as your choices of materials. We can implement your design with any choice of Domestic or Exotic solid woods or veneers, from around the world! Custom veneer lay-ups and readily available!

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