Entertainment Rooms

Entertainment Rooms

Custom-made Entertainment centers, Home theaters, Full bars, Cocktail bars, Coffee tables, Credenzas, Bookcases, Wine cellars, Basement entertainment, Wall dividers….

Entertainment is a great playground for your imagination to frolic in. Entertainment rooms and centers vary greatly in design and materials.

It could be anything from a luxurious entertainment center in your living room, your own private lounge with a beautiful exotic wood coffee table, to a full private theater room in your basement that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors. We can create a beautiful cocktail bar in the corner and a wine cellar In another room, for your unique taste.

We could complement your cozy restaurant or Bar with a big or small Full size bar, for big crowd of people with fully loaded surroundings, like custom cabinetry, Credenzas, Wall dividers, Wall paneling, Wainscoting and Coffered ceilings…There’s nothing that cannot be skillfully implemented in your house or any other place, we can create things that go beyond your wildest imagination!

We can implement your design with any choice of Domestic or Exotic solid woods or veneers! Custom veneer lay-ups are readily available!

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