Q. How much is it going to cost?
A. It is impossible to say how much is going to cost before I know exactly what you want. One for sure, it’s going to cost you all my time building and installing and the materials involved in your project… And because every project is unique pricing will always reflect on many factors. Size, style, material, hardware, complexity. It will take different time for different materials and different ways of building it and installing. I build everything from scratch into the size of your unique place .That’s way there’s no way I could quote a price for you before I actually see your place and discuss what you envision or expect. (See our Commitment).

Q. Do you have any pictures so we can choose something from?
A. Yes and no. That is not how it works, usually. Every customer has different tastes and different places they live in. And I am sure that all those places are unique as the people living in them. Don’t you think everything in your place should be unique too? I build one of a kind and unique woodworking projects. Sure, I have all the pictures of all my jobs from the past, but that’s just an idea of what I’m capable of. Yes, you should have an idea what is going to be in that unique place of yours. The rest of the work you can leave to me. (See our Commitment).

Q. Who actually makes all woodwork for you?
A. We will! We will come to your job site, measure, advice, design and sketch preliminary drawings, suggest materials and discuss hardware, hand cut and fabricate, and finish and install every single piece. For some projects, additional help is needed, and you can be assured it is carefully selected from our trusted colleagues who are highly qualified to assist.

Q. We saw something we like in a catalog (or in the store); can you copy that for us?

A. Sure why not, if you know what you want and you like it I’ll do it for you. The problem is that that’s going to cost you probably more than in the store or in a catalog! Simply because if it’s in the store it’s probably mass production, and most likely from foreign country. It’s not unique and that’s why most likely prices will be lower in the store. My suggestion if you found something in the store that you like, you buy it! But if you want to have a unique piece of art and you want me to make that piece like there’s no other? Then I am your guy.

Q. What would most of your customers say about your business?
A. Most of our customers would say: “if we need a unique piece of woodwork done right, this is the place. We get more than we expected!”

Q. How is your company better than competitors?
A. Our company is better at delivering quality products made out of the best quality materials with no compromise or cutting corners. We are also giving our customers complete freedom to express their imagination and turn their desires into reality
We are better in the market by combining all custom wood works in a way people have never seen before. We have the ability to combine high-end commercial and residential worlds, which makes a brand new and unique style in the custom woodworking world.

Q. Tell us about your loyal and repeat customers.
A. Most projects come from word of mouth from our loyal customers. This means that our customers are very happy with us and are coming back for more custom work.

Q. Why are you the most qualified to do custom woodwork?
A. We know both the old-school woodworking with hand tools (the way our grandparents knew woodworking) and new-school (using the new world machines equipped with technology). This combination makes us better than any other company in the market.
Q. How are your prices compared to your competition?
A. Our prices always as precise as possible, not by footage like everyone else would do, but by the actual work that must be performed for your unique product. It will not necessarily be cheaper or more expensive because we do custom work. We can ensure that our price will be more competitive than everyone else capable to do comparable quality work to ours.

Q. How long does your custom woodwork project take?
A. Every custom woodwork project is different, and that’s why timing will be different too. However, we are much faster than any other company in the market that we know, because we do one project at a time and focus on it until it’s finished and done right.

Q. How’s the quality of your work? How is it compared to your competitors?
A. Our quality is our pride and to sustain it, we go an extra mile to deliver the best quality in the market. Our quality speaks for itself, and if some reason you are not happy enough, we will not back out, we will redo just the way you want it. Everybody understands quality differently, we strive for highest quality every day, however, if there’s something that did not exceed your expectations we will fix it with absolutely no questions asked and no cost to you.

Q. Can I make changes to the project after the contract is signed?

A. After the contract is signed, if you decide to implement any changes you must do so as soon as possible before the part that needs change is started. If it is already produced, you would be responsible for extra charges per man hour plus needed materials to accommodate for the new specifications. All change requests must be in writing and signed by both parties to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Q. Do your quotes include the installation?
A. Our quotes for all projects always include the installation. Remember, due to the nature of the custom products only we can install them properly to ensure they fit and retain the quality they are designed for.

Q. Are the prices in estimates final?
A. No. After we agree on a rough estimate for your project, we will discuss all the details before making unique designs for you. The price may change. However, as long as you are not going to add too many changes, the price is not going to be too far from the rough estimate. Otherwise, depending on the changes you want to make, some details could be costly.

Q. We are not sure what we want? How do we know that we going to like your design?
A. It’s pretty much self-explanatory. We will work on your design together with you, And with our knowledge and your Freedom to choose anything you like for your Place, we will make the best looking and most functional design you ever dreamed of! We will bring samples, pictures, catalogs, you name it! We have most of the solid woods, and veneer samples, from around the world, for you to choose from. And thousands of colors to match your taste!

Q. All your woodwork looks good in pictures, but we would like to see some of them up close, to make sure, that your quality is the best as you say?
A. We don’t think it’s a problem! All our clients are very happy with us, and we sure that we can arrange that showing at a mutually convenient time.

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