Kitchens and dining rooms

Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Custom-made Kitchen cabinetry, Islands, Wet bars, Mini cocktail bars, Dining room tables, Wall dividers… Anything that suits your imagination in your dream kitchen and dining room.

Kitchens are usually the center of the house and have to resemble owner’s style and taste well. Kitchen cabinets are a great way to give a lift to the whole house and avoid unsightly clutter. Instead of having a standard looking kitchen, we can implement unique shapes and styles into your kitchen that combine elegance and beauty with functionality, such as Special order veneer Lay-ups anyway you like, We can achieve that uniform look throughout your kitchen in the way you never seen before, or create a unique looking island with little or big eating area. We can even design entertainment right into your kitchen, with a Wet bar or mini cocktail bar.We can provide a solution for your unique needs and take into account your property’s particular situation, which can range from new construction to expansion to a complete remodeling. We offer a variety of domestic and exotic wood choices and finishes with unlimited hardware options to make sure you get precisely what you want.

Astonishing exotic woods from around the world can complement your dining room design, and range from small to big, all specifically designed for your unique taste, From dining tables that will never lose their value for many generations to come, to freestanding cabinetry and attached credenzas, or, if desirable, we can skillfully insert a wall divider to achieve comfortable privacy from other rooms… The possibilities are endless.

We can implement your design with any choice of Domestic or Exotic solid woods or veneers! Custom veneer lay-ups are readily available!

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