Custom-made Reception desk, Workstations, Conference tables, Bookcases/Libraries, Wall dividers, Credenzas, Storage units, Entertainment units, Coffered ceilings, Wall paneling and Wainscoting…

Your customized office could be your work office, or your home office.Your office is where you draw the line between your private life, and your work. It is where you represent yourself and plan your bright future! When you walk into your office it should truly inspire you and make you feel like a million dollars! And to achieve that you don’t need that much! We can make you feel that way , by making a custom design Reception desk or Workstations surrounded by Bookcases or Libraries for your books, Custom-made cabinetry with deep drawers for your files ,Wall dividers for your Employees or your own privacy, Coffered ceilings to make that great expensive look for your office, Or maybe you must have Important meetings in your office , Then you need Conference tables , Or after a successful day, you may need to entertain your business clients with one or two cocktails, Then we can make a wet bar or Entertainment unit with a little hidden bar, that would blend seamlessly into your office design..

We can implement your design with any choice of Domestic or Exotic solid woods or veneers, from around the world! Custom veneer lay-ups are readily available!

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